001 The Las Vegas Farm: Meet Sharon Linsenbardt, The Voice Of The Las Vegas Farm

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001 The Las Vegas Farm:  Meet Sharon Linsenbardt; The Voice Of The Las Vegas Farm

It’s pushing noon on a warm Labor Day 2011 weekend and a constant stream of visitors has put a strain on the diminishing supply of THE FARM’s eggs as they’re purchased faster than Farmer Sharon’s large numbers of chickens can produce them.  Ditto the same with the fresh produce, honey produced by Sharon’s bees, breads, pickled vegetables, Etc.

But as Sharon predicted earlier in the morning the crowds will thin out for about an hour between noon and one and then come roaring back.

We took advantage of this brief interlude to have Farmer Sharon join us for our first Voice Of The Las Vegas Farm Radio Show segment.

With a remote studio in place on THE FARM supporting four microphones and surrounded by host of chickens, peacocks, bantam roosters and two very mischievous kittens, and of course kids galore, it’s a perfect setting for Farmer Sharon to introduce herself on her show for the very first time.

Listen in, enjoy, be entertained, and learn something about life here on THE FARM.


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