002 The Las Vegas Farm: Meet Emma and Brittany, Two Energetic Young Volunteers With A Passion For Helping And Protecting Animals

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002 The Las Vegas Farm:  Meet two energetic young volunteers with a passion for helping and protecting animals

It’s Saturday, October 8, 2011, and the opening of Sharon Lisenbart’s annual Fall Festival at THE FARM in Northwest Las Vegas.

People begin to stream in, many with kids, some in strollers, some in the arms of their mom, dad or grandparents.  There’s nothing like this is all of Las Vegas. It’s a great family event.

Everyone that steps foot onto THE FARM seems to have their own take on this wonderful place that Sharon Linsenbardt has operated for over 50 years.

When you listen in to this segment of our show you’ll hear what two of Sharon’s many volunteers, the people who make this event possible, think about the farm, why they volunteer and why they think others should too.

These young people are wonderful and powered by their passion and love of animals.

Listen in…!



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