05 The Las Vegas Farm: Saving Sharon Linsenbardt’s Las Vegas Farm – February 23, 2012 Update

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05 The Las Vegas Farm:  Saving Sharon Linsenbardt’s Las Vegas Farm – February 23, 2012 Update

Will THE FARM Survive?

Will this place, that is so special to generations of Las Vegans, be forced to close its doors after fifty years, or will Sharon Linsenbardt succeed in gaining necessary city and county permits and variances allowing her to build out on her five acres generating needed income to fund THE FARM’s expenses.

We caught up with Sharon the morning of Thursday, February 23, 2012, and with the sounds of chickens and peacocks in the background, asked her for an update on the status of her quest to secure approval for her expansion plans.

What you won’t hear is what happened seconds after turning off our microphones.  My first thought was that some predator was after the many varieties of chickens, peacocks and other small animals just running around and beneath our feet.  Every bird started to make a ruckus, each producing loud vocal calls, agitated, and like on command all heading to one central place like a bull’s eye in the center of the farm.

I was in for yet another learning experience.  All of us who visit here always seem to walk away learning something new.

When I looked at Sharon during the commotion I fully expected her to run to the source of the activity.

What caused all this?  Was it a predator?  Were the animals and birds in danger?

No, Sharon assured me, a chicken had just laid an egg.  And with that event, that happens every day, like magic, every bird runs to the source of that new little egg which we found under one of the cages.

Sharon picked it up and put in my hand….still warm.

Listen to this interview and you’ll hear Sharon asking for your help by writing a letter, or sending an email, expressing your support for THE FARM to each of Clark County Commissioners.

This is an amazing agricultural time capsule and with your help we can save it!

Listen in and find out how you can help.






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