06 The Las Vegas Farm Radio Show with Farmer Sharon Linsenbardt: The Farm Needs A Volunteer Coordinator

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06 The Las Vegas Farm Radio Show with Farmer Sharon Linsenbardt: THE FARM Needs A Volunteer Coordinator

It’s just another Saturday morning at THE FARM.

As usual Sharon Linsenbardt is multitasking and constantly on the go, moving from one issue needing her attention to another.

One moment she’s feeding animals while answering a question about honey from a parent, other adults come close to listen, and then this impromptu classroom moves with her like a gaggle of reporters covering a news event.

Then in mid conversation, Farmer Sharon sees what no one else does, a bird with some physical problem.  In a blur her left arm extends to the ground, her hand grabs the bird by the leg, and in a flash, a nanosecond, she’s now cuddling and petting this large white bird and explaining to an astonished wide eyed group of kids what  just happened, why she did what she did, and then brings them near so they can see its damaged beak.  She explains this beautiful little guy just needs some special love and attention, a place of its own for awhile to get better, but will soon be back roaming the farm with his other friends.

With over 400 animals on THE FARM there is never a moment of rest.  As we’ve heard Sharon say before, “Someone always needs me.”

There are many wonderful young energetic volunteers at THE FARM and it’s wonderful to engage with them and hear their passion for these animals and for Farmer Sharon.

But Sharon needs a special volunteer to help her manage the complexities of running THE FARM.

In this radio segment broadcast on Saturday, March 3, 2012, Sharon explains the need for a volunteer to help coordinate and manage THE FARM’s volunteer program.

Perhaps you, or someone you know is that person.

Rather than explain it in print, just listen in to this segment and listen to Farmer Sharon outline the need and the kind of person that she needs to help keep THE FARM going.

In the next radio segment that follows, segment 07, Sharon updates us on her progress of obtaining required Clark County use permits and variances to allow the farm to expand and utilize its full five acres.

Listen in…!




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Jenny Nunn March 6, 2012, 12:23 pm

I’m interested! Let me get a chance to listen to the interview and see if I might be a good fit. I already know I love The Farm and all your volunteers are amazing. *fingers crossed*

Nabeel March 17, 2012, 9:35 pm

Dear Sharon,

Please don’t let them close the farm, you have all my support to expand and more. I love your farm very much, everytime I visit your Farm with my parents I learn so much from you and I love watching the peacocks dance, the white pigeons and the chickens and all the other animals. The other day I really enjoyed feeding the carrots to the rabbits and the other animals. I plan to visit you more often during the summer vacation. Good luck in expanding the farm. Nabeel

Sandra Owen January 1, 2013, 12:18 pm

Hi Sharon,

I wanted to inquire about volunteer opportunites for myself. Are there any available openings at the time for volunteers?

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