07 The Las Vegas Farm Radio Show with Farmer Sharon Linsenbardt: March 3, 2012 Progress Report On The Farm’s Expansion Plans

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07 The Las Vegas Farm Radio Show with Farmer Sharon Linsenbardt:  March 3, 2012 Progress Report On THE FARM’s Expansion Plans

It’s a picture perfect glorious March 3, 2012 Las Vegas Saturday morning, and Sharon Linsenbardt joins the show live from THE FARM.

During this segment Farmer Sharon bring us all up-to-date on her progress in obtaining required Clark County Nevada use permits and variances to move forward with expansion plans that will help drive badly needed income to support THE FARM’s activities.

We hope you all listen in as Farmer Sharon expresses her need for your support to attend upcoming civic meetings culminating with a final meeting before the full Clark County Board of Supervisors and a call to action to send emails and make calls to the Commissioners and voice your support for THE FARM.

Listen in…!!!!

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Shaheen March 17, 2012, 9:50 pm

My dear Sharon,

There is not much in Vegas that interest me as I love nature and your farm has it all, small but yet so homejly environment. Your caring and friendly nature makes it even more appealing to visit. I see so much potential in expanding the farm and provide us the outing we are lacking in Vegas. You have all my support and feel free to forward my comments to whoever so you please.

Soma Nathan Pillai April 16, 2012, 9:31 am

Dear Sharon,

I had an opportunity to visit your farm on 4/15/2012. In this city life, your farm could give an entirely different experience. The efforts to maintain the live stock and the environment is highly appreciable. If you could develop the farm into the whole 5 acres of land, it will be an added benefit to the society who loves the nature and animals. Further, I would like to mention the following ideas/suggestions for your kind attention:-

1. The city can develop another picnic point in the north part of the city. The Clark County Shooting /Archery Range, Aliante Casino, Gillcrease Orchard and your farm, other horse properties in the area.. etc can be visited by our local visitors and other tourists. This could definetly increase the economic activities of our city and also can increase the employment opportunities.

2. Young children can benefit from visiting your farm. They can directly observe and study the common animals and birds in your farm and it can provide them a live experience rather watching in the TV !.

I think, if you could get permission, once you develop your farm, your farm could host birthday parties…etc… I am sure that kids will like to visit your farm..

I hope, after considering the potential benefits to the society and to the north part of our city, the concerned authorities would give necessary permission to maintain and further development of your farm.

Good luck !!

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