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Raw Local Honey for Allergies

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Pint of honey - $20

Many allergy suffers use THE FARM's raw local honey for allergies. See one of our bees gathering pollen on his legs on his way to making some raw local honey.  Our bees will touch and gather pollen from the local flowers and trees all around our valley.  It is this local pollen that causes you to sneeze when the wind blows area [...]

Raw Local Honey

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THE FARM's Honey Display in Las Vegas

We offer delicious and nutritious raw local honey - from hives right here on THE FARM. The average honey bee travels about two miles one-way to find nectar-filled flowers. Fortunately, our bees don't have to travel very far for the nectar they seek, because not only do we have many flowering trees and plants on [...]

Vanishing of The Bees Documentary

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Inspecting a tray

Since we own bees and have produced honey on THE FARM for decades, we are very concerned about Colony Collapse Disorder as well as the many chemicals toxic to bees that are being sprayed on crops across our country and the world. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are not the answer to sustainable agriculture, going back [...]

What We Offer

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List of Offerings Sign

The following is a list of what we offer here at THE FARM. It's not a complete list, but it's a good snapshot of some of the perennial offerings available to you and your family. Simply click on the links for each item below... Raw, Unprocessed, Local Honey Farm Fresh Eggs (chicken, quail, duck and [...]