Delivery Driver Needed

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THE FARM has an urgent need for someone to help transport weekly donations from a nearby donor to us.

Our generous benefactor is only a short distance from THE FARM and donations are usually two or three times per week.

The one key criteria for this position is to have a vehicle that has some space – like a truck, van or SUV.

A passenger car might work, but would probably require the trunk, back seat and possibly the passenger seat to be used, as there are several boxes of goods each time.

An estimate of the time it will take for each “run” is probably 45 minutes to an hour, at most. Possibly as little as 15 minutes, if the boxes are ready for pickup when you arrive at the donor’s establishment.

If interested, please contact Farmer Sharon at 702-982-8000, email her at Contact [at] or via Facebook

Thank you.

PS: The weekly donations directly help to sustain almost all species of our considerable population of rescued animals.

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