Helping Hands

– Posted in: Farmer Sharon's Journal

Ms. Jane, equine massage therapist, was here today to work on the horses again. She dragged her husband David, kicking and screaming to help.

He gave it his best effort and helped move the bales from the front of THE FARM to clear a path for the construction in the road. Thank you both sooooo much.

Tony is on his way with some supplies to help with the parking area…We adore Cutie Pie Tony.

We are going to be impacted by the flood channel work in Grand Teton for the next week or so; but, they are NOT closing the roads.

DR Horton had Tenaya blocked, closed, one-wayed and any other possible intrusion they could have accomplished to stop traffic from getting to THE FARM for almost a year – it hurt us very much.

Las Vegas Paving assures us they will not cause us harm and will do everything they are able to move quickly. We thank them for their thoughtfulness.

I am out to see if the corner poles are set for Hazel and Mabel’s shade for the summer. A charming young man walked into THE FARM last summer to donate a huge shade cloth that is just perfect for the cows.

Thank you for thinking of the ladies!

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