Bunnies for Easter???

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Las Vegas Bunnies

THE FARM has recently been challenged by some inconsiderate folks leaving baby bunnies at the gate without our permission. As a result of these abandoned pets, we have many baby Las Vegas bunnies up for adoption at this time. We do not advocate the breeding of rabbits, nor do we breed rabbits either. We do not [...]

Thank You To All Our Volunteers

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Thank You sign

Allison brought about a dozen volunteers to THE FARM – who knew this soft handed, perfect haircut, manicured, color co-coordinated outfitted group of office workers would have such amazing “skills”. Allison & I both got whiplash looking at each other as we found an amazing group of people that had very diverse skills outside of [...]

Helping Hands

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Ms. Jane, equine massage therapist, was here today to work on the horses again. She dragged her husband David, kicking and screaming to help. He gave it his best effort and helped move the bales from the front of THE FARM to clear a path for the construction in the road. Thank you both sooooo [...]