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As each day passes, we all get older, as each day passes, we all grow and change occurs, as each day passes people we care about very deeply come and go in our lives as their lives change.

Today is a difficult day for me…

As I stand near the rabbit cages I see my sweet little (now big) Rhyse walking towards me from around the big yellow truck with his mom close behind.

I can see in their body language that something is wrong.

I instantly know what it is from the look on both of their faces.

I try to control my sadness regarding his growth from a volunteer at THE FARM to a paying job at a veterinary office.

We have depended on Rhyse for several years and he will be missed beyond words.

As these changes in life come my way, I dwindle a little. I am not sure if it is my age or if I am just tired from the year of demands?

Rhyse will be missed…

This must be what it feels like to a mom when a child leaves home…it is not a pleasant feeling.

Take Care Rhyse —We are proud of you…You are loved…You will be GREATLY MISSED.


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