Sale Tent

This is yet another area we could use some help with.

In fact, this is a part-time money-making opportunity for someone.

Here’s the run down.

We have a tent full of goodies to sell – and much more to add to that – yet no one to manage it all for us.

Here’s what we propose to one or more trustworthy and motivated individuals:

Be our Sale Tent Manager and take home 25% of the profits from every sale.

Background –

  • We are cleaning up and cleaning out THE FARM and Barn Buddies Rescue property
  • All areas of the property will be gone through – some stuff saved, some stuff thrown, some stuff sold
  • Through this process we hope to do everything possible to bring in dollars to keep the animals fed, housed and medically cared for, along with all else that is needed to keep THE FARM and Barn Buddies Rescue in the black
  • The Sale Tent will probably only be open every couple of months or quarterly, as we continue to clean-up the property and gather items for sale
  • Since this is a weekend gig, it won’t cut into your normal week
  • As the clean-up progresses, we may be in a position to have a gift shop open where “FARMY” items can be a part of sales to support the animals

And while we can’t promise you’ll go home each Sale Tent day with a pocket full of money, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have some to show for your time here.

It’s a little like any yard sale. The more people that know about it and actually show up, the more sales you’ll make.

And once we get the Sale Tent up and running, we’ll advertise it on various platforms to get the word out about it and bring more visitors to see what we are offering.

And we’ll start posting photos and descriptions of the goods on this site, so people can preview before they come and buy.

MUCH BETTER than driving around endlessly looking for yard sales and a lot fewer tire kickers with this method.

In fact, we’d love to have someone who is proficient at Craigslist or Backpage advertising to take on this position. That way, they can still be selling the Sale Tent items during the weeks when the tent itself isn’t open.

THE FARM has quite a bit to offer our visitors.

And we’d like to be able to offer even more as a form of attraction.

We think the Sale Tent is perfect for that.

Most of the folks who work on THE FARM are volunteers – and there are a lot of them!  Not a lot of paid positions available or affordable.

This is one of those situations where someone could come to “volunteer” and yet take some cash home each evening…

So, if interested, please contact Farmer Sharon to get the discussion started.

Thanks for reading and please let your friends and family who might be interested know about this!