Thank You To All Our Volunteers

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Allison brought about a dozen volunteers to THE FARM – who knew this soft handed, perfect haircut, manicured, color co-coordinated outfitted group of office workers would have such amazing “skills”.

Allison & I both got whiplash looking at each other as we found an amazing group of people that had very diverse skills outside of the office.

Amazing skills – wonderful attitudes that did not balk at anything that was asked of them.

They put up the cow shade, cleaned the retreat, attached new shade to Dandelion & Tommy Llama’s pen, built fences, built gates & installed hardware, dug ditches, cut special slats for the fences & worked on the twig fence that is almost finished.

Brandon, showed up his first day the previous Wed, flossing his teeth in flip flops…I asked to see his hands to see if there was any evidence of real work in his past year – there was none…hands soft as a baby’s butt. I asked what he does at this time & learned he is studying to be a dentist – hence the flossing of the teeth & the “workless hands”.

The twig fence requires a special skill & who had skills in tying tie wire? — “Brandon”… his job before entering dental school was for an iron rebar company and all he did all day was tie rebar with wire to make frames for concrete & other projects. This week when he arrived his fragile fingers were all taped up with gray tape to protect them from acquiring additional blisters…how great is that!!

He showed, he had skill, he worked hard enough for blisters & then he actually came back for more….stunning group of volunteers.

Thank You all very much for what you are doing for THE FARM & Barn Buddies Rescue, which benefits the animals. We are very grateful.

Tonight – who is standing at the gate with gallons & gallons of our beautiful brown paint along with paint sticks??? Of course it is Violet’s boyfriend Bobby.

Thank you very much Bobby- very generous of you.

This morning our photographer Teri shows up with her very handsome son Dino to discuss helping to move the little sheds next week. He also has a friend that needs some service hours & volunteers him to THE FARM for 80 hours…I understand he has mechanic skills ???

OMG do we need a mechanic—I am sending Dino hugs as I type. Thank You Dino & Teri!

Chris & Melody are working for private donations from the mortgage company that he is associated with – I need to get the paperwork to him so that can happen.

Leigh, our bunny helper – has taken Jac Bunny to the vet and is keeping him at her home to recuperate. Leigh is also helping with the paperwork regarding our 501C (3) – evidently Mrs. Lois Lerner has it on her desk… Leigh will also be reaching out for donations to help the animals.

Marcella came today with out-of-date food for the animals. Thank You Sweet Marcella.

AND lest we not forget about our very special “Little Russie” – he is 6’2” & still seems to be growing even in his 50’s – he keeps all the web stuff looking so beautiful as well as helps with the eggs & honey when our other friend Tay is volunteering.

Timi –our very talented neighbor will be setting up a table to sell beautiful glass necklaces & the handmade items that Mary donated to help the animals.

Timi just called to let me know that Little Quincy (orphaned baby goat) is nursing on MaMa Jill (surrogate mother goat) very nicely. Quincy is jumping around like he is a dog following her tiny toy pups. Thank you Miss Timi for helping to save Quincy.

How Grateful are we To Have Such Wonderful People to Help the Animals at THE FARM & Barn Buddies Rescue!

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