Thanks To All Of Our Wonderful Volunteers

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Farmer Sharon and Farmer Glenn are so very appreciative of the following people – for their volunteer and monetary contributions and gifts throughout the year.

THE FARM is a pretty big operation and simply wouldn’t function very well without all the fine folks who lend their time and other resources.

Frankly, words seem inadequate to express our gratitude.  We’ve omitted last names for privacy purposes.

  • Chris brought sleeping bags for the dogs, 10 or 15 boxes for the cats which include heat-reflecting Mylar and heating pads. She also brought a new jacket for LuLu the dog.
  •  Mary – sent 2 separate donations for the animals, especially the cats, which she loves. She also brought over amazing home-sewn items for a Christmas raffle.
  •  Walter & Fujiko – sent a donation for animal support
  •  Terry & Nancy – brought approx. 20 cat beds and blankets, a 6 ft cat climbing tower and they gave to THE FARM their professional services to help with our use permits
  •  Dawn – has given many hours to help clean cages and greet guests at the entrance
  •  Rhys – has given every Saturday for years to help with the Farmers Market and anything else we need
  • Teri – has taken virtually all of the fine photos you see on our site and Facebook page
  •  David – gives of his time to make deliveries
  •  Suzanne – has given volunteer hours
  •  Emma – has given volunteer hours
  •  Tinna – gave us the month of October as a volunteer
  •  Russ – helped with the Harvest Festival and on the website
  •  Marcella – brings out of date produce from Smith’s Food & Drug for the animals several times a week and she and her family give volunteer hours
  •  Karen – has helped Marcella in the past and will be back as soon as she is settled
  •  Tim – volunteers on weekends
  •  Justin – volunteers almost every weekend
  •  Rachael – volunteers almost every week and bakes wonderful cookies
  •  Misty – amazing with the horses and anything else we need
  •  Kendra – helps with the horses
  •  Serena & Hays – help when they come back to Vegas and have donated tanks and cages.
  •  Leigh – helped with paperwork and bunnies
  • Elizabeth – worked on the bus project
  • Skylar – worked on the bus project
  • Melanie – worked on the bus project
  • Countless other volunteers that have helped over the last year for a few hours or a few days

The animals thank you, the visitors thank you and Farmer Sharon and Farmer Glenn thank you!

We always have something to do, so if you’re interested in coming out and lending a hand, please visit our Volunteer Page for more info.

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