The Las Vegas Farm: THE ANNUAL FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL, An Annual Las Vegas Family-Centric Event With Italian Roots

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(Republished with permission of La Voce News Magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada)

An Annual Las Vegas Family-Centric Event With Italian Roots

Happy Anniversary La Voce!

My annual Fall Harvest Event held on ‘THE FARM’ each year will open on October 7, 2011, about the same time that this 10th anniversary issue of the La Voce News Magazine is published.

I love reading La Voce and always look forward to seeing those wonderful faded family pictures, some taken years ago of horses pulling carts of merchandise down the streets of New York or Chicago.

I have Italian grandparents and I often reflect on my own precious pictures of my grandparents moving product to market with horse drawn carts.

My family has been a part of Southern Nevada since 1927, and if my grandparents visited my farm in North West Las Vegas today, in many ways they would feel right at home.

I’ve been working the farm 50 years and we still have horses and carts, cows, pigs and goats, raise a large number of chickens, geese, quail, even peacocks, and sell their eggs off the farm along with honey from our resident bee population, preserves, breads, all of which my grandfather in those faded pictures would probably think was pretty boring as it was the same natural and wholesome food that he was consuming at the turn of the 20th Century.

Everything here on THE FARM is real. It is also a sanctuary for animals and birds of every kind imaginable that somehow find their way here, and I never turn them away. We have a chicken that is over 20 years old, and like all the others he seems to enjoy each day, always gets good food, clean water and protection from the elements.

While our family of four legged, two legged and no legged animals has grown into the hundreds, so has the support from our community that now includes multiple generations who find THE FARM to be a special place to escape, if only for a short time, from the rigors of modern life here in Vegas. There is nothing plastic here; everything is real, including the volunteers that help me maintain the property and to whom I am deeply indebted.

Each weekend in October we create a wonderful community Fall Festival here on the farm based on that same philosophy: keep it real. Thousands will visit us and share what life was like many years ago and just have fun, visit with our animals, listen to music, consume some great cooked-on-the-spot food, see what ‘real’ pumpkins look like, and sample and purchase local varieties of squash that perhaps they have never seen before.

I hope that La Voce continues to build on their tradition of service to our community for decades to come.

After all, isn’t it all about family?

Sharon Linsenbardt
7222 West Grand Teton Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89131

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