The Little Girl And The Tortoise

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Today at THE FARM, my friend Tony stops by with his beauty of a little girl to say “Hello” to the animals.

Tony’s daughter comes to visit Tank the Tortoise…she bends at her tiny little knees to see Tank down in his hole; but, he is out of reach.

She figures out the hole is big enough for her to get into so down she throws herself in her very clean little white ruffled dress.

Her tiny little flip-flopped feet and her cute painted toenails dig into the heap of dirt that Tank had just shoveled out of his hole with his massive feet.

Dust poufs high, Tony gasps and falls to his knees to grab his toddler’s ankles so she would not venture any further and all was well with the world in her little eyes, she squeals, “There you are Tanky”.

Tony of course, is mortified…I can see many emotions on his face — “What is she doing?” “Where does she think she is going?” “How am I going to explain to Mom how she got so dirty under my watch???”

Tony has the biggest smile now that he is on his knees in the dirt pile with her ankles safely in his hands, he looks up and says nothing, except with his eyes.

He talks her into coming back out of the hole so they can go look at the other animals – she also loves Miss Violet the pig.

He is never more than arms length away from her and his eyes are darting back to her as we talk and walk to the next pen.

She is 3 so I can very well imagine how his home must be child-proofed with this little adventurer.

Handsome Tony will be back to volunteer – alone – in the next week or so…what an extra nice man he is…as well as an exceptional father.

We should all be so lucky to have a Tony to watch over us.

As he carries her out the gate waving goodbye, he is fluffing her little dress & the dust is still flying in the sunlight.

Thank You Andrew, for allowing us to care for Tanky when you were no longer able…he is loved by many.

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