Visit to the County Today…

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I am very nervous regarding the expectations & explanations of ClarkCounty…Every time I go for a meeting, I feel less comfortable with the process. Janice in Comm. Collins office is doing her best to accommodate my fears and relentless questions… My fear is when we stand before the Commissioners we will not be prepared for the surprises that always come, like a flock of pigeons suddenly being scared from a pile of bread scraps…

It would be nice if staff would help citizens through the process without attitude & an uncaring spirit. It should not be required for an applicant to arrive at the building with an attorney or a consultant; but, that is how it has evolved. Attitudes are huge, no one will answer a phone, no one will return a call, no one will take an appointment if they don’t want to deal with you – if you are standing at the counter no one will even make eye contact….forget a smile or friendly “How can we help today”… . There are a few that still seem to understand they are public employees, paid to assist and guide us; but, they are scarce..

I am trying to get through the “to do” list & hopefully we will be successful…I shall never stand in front of the Boards again. Let’s hope Glenn is up to the task.

Best Regards,

Sharon Linsenbardt

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