Local Honey at THE FARM

Las Vegas Raw Local Honey

We offer delicious and nutritious Las Vegas raw local honey – from bee hives right here on THE FARM. The average honey bee travels about two miles one-way to find nectar-filled flowers. Fortunately, our bees don’t have to travel very far for the nectar they seek, because we have many flowering trees and plants on THE FARM.

We’ve had so many compliments about our honey, we could have a full page just for the testimonials we’ve received over the years.

This is as local as honey gets!

Not overly sweet, but with a light color and pleasant flavor that is quite different from the processed store-bought honey you might be accustomed to buying. That’s because more and more, the honey you find in stores may be mostly corn syrup and flavorings that mimic the taste and texture of real honey. Unless the label specifically says 100% pure honey, it can be difficult to tell exactly what’s in the jar.

The Differences in Our Honey

We sell our honey in half-pint and pint-sized canning jars for $10 and $20 dollars, respectively.

You may find that the color of our honey varies slightly from jar to jar. That’s perfectly normal depending on the season and particular batch of honey, as the bees would have had different flowers to choose from. But the flavor and texture remains consistently excellent, regardless of the minor color changes.