Volunteering at THE FARM

What Does Volunteering Consist Of?

Volunteers are involved in nearly every aspect of operations at BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM. They truly are the muscles of our team – not only because they help get all of the hard work done; but, also because they’ve got big hearts! (The most important muscle in the body, of course!)

Arrival times
o Fri: 8am or later
o Sat/Sun: Between 7am & 8am or after 10am.

4 hours minimum


Clothing Required:

Long pants, closed toed shoes, shirt with sleeves (no tanks tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, muscle shirts, etc)

and volunteer button (provided).

All clothing must be family-friendly. 

You will get dirty so don’t wear your Sunday best.

Please read the volunteer info sheet for additional information/requirements.

Other Information

o No cell phones, texting, or headphones while volunteering

o If you need paperwork for school, court, work, etc, you need to bring two copies with you each time you volunteer.

We do not provide letters, paperwork, documentation, webpage completion, etc. 

o Park in the large lot past the blue dumpsters (see above) 


Speciality Volunteer Positions

  • RIcon List Item
  • RGeneral painter for various projects
  • RArtists/painters for various projects
  • RVolunteers to help every friday to make sure the cages are super-cleaned for the weekend
  • RVolunteers to help file for non-profit grants
  • RGate monitors (great for individuals who want to volunteer but have mobility issues)
  • RHay bag makers - 1 or 2 days per week for a few hours
  • RAnyone with construction experience, especially carpentry, electrical & plumbing

Volunteer For Upcoming Projects

  • RSwamp cooler expert
  • RBuild shade structures
  • RConcession stand utility connections
  • RInstall solar exhaust fan in concession stand/conex
  • RInstall netting over animal areas
  • RInstall automatic waterers for chickens
  • RRun/wire surveillance system
  • RWeatherproof concession stand & other structures
  • RAnd many more!

Not Just The Big Projects

Remember, it’s not just the big projects listed above, but many daily small tasks that make BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM run smoothly as well. If you are able to assist, send us an email to [email protected] If you haven’t been out to BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM for a visit, you might want to come out on a weekend when we are open to the public to say hello.