Volunteers are involved in nearly every aspect of THE FARM operations.

They truly are the MUSCLES of our team – not only because they help get all of the hard work done, but also because they’ve got big HEARTS!  (The most important muscle in the body, of course!)

We LOVE our volunteers for all that they do and everything they help us to accomplish.

If you are interested in volunteering, or if you have a group that is interested, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page!  We have countless projects that would benefit from you or your groups help.

If  interested, please send an email to Volunteer@barnbuddiesrescue.org, or use the contact form below.

Our current pressing needs and projects are listed below.  We are looking for either volunteers or very low cost contractors for the following:

  • A block layer and wood fence builder – as soon as possible
  • A painter for the bus
  • A painter for part of the back fence and parts of the barn
  • Someone to shore-up and level the bus and the two old trucks
  • Someone to help in the farmhouse with general housekeeping chores – wash windows, clean fridges, vacuum, wash animal towels, etc.
  • Volunteers to help every Friday to make sure all the cages are cleaned for the weekend folks
  • Someone to help us get on QuickBooks to make our paperwork move more smoothly
  • Someone with experience in writing successful grants
  • Someone to help fill honey jars on a regular basis – yes we fill our own jars with local honey from hives on this farm!
  • Someone to help build a tortoise habitat for our largest reptiles – Tanky and Maxy
  • Someone to help raise funds & people to help build a new bunny habitat for the many bunnies we have
  • Someone to put a new roof on the farmhouse.  It leaks.  I would like to find someone that could replace it with tin like the patio in the front, if possible.

We had a lot of help in 2016 and we will sure need a lot in 2017, as well.

Remember, it’s not just the big projects listed above, but many daily small tasks that make THE FARM run smoothly as well.

If you haven’t been out to THE FARM for a visit, you might want to come out on a weekend to meet us and say hello.

In general we need adult volunteers.  Teens from 15-18 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You must have and maintain all A’s and B’s in your schoolwork.

All volunteers need to wear long pants, close-toed shoes, and a shirt with sleeves.  We highly recommend a hat and a water bottle.  We have a refrigerator available for volunteers to store their lunches. Everyone is required to sign a liability waiver.

If you are genuinely interested in getting things going, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back with you soon.

Many hands make for light work!  Hope to see you soon.

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