Fresh Eggs at THE FARM

Our Farm Fresh Eggs

At THE FARM, we are blessed with dozens of chickens of various breeds and ages, who provide a daily harvest of fresh eggs. From the small bantam hen eggs to the Jumbo specimens produced by some of our larger chicken varieties. Our ducks also produce eggs, as well as our flock of quail, peacocks, geese, and turkeys.

This is as natural as eggs get!

Our “ladies” are fed a high-quality diet consisting of both organic and non-organic foods, both commercially-processed and fresh, including lots of raw fruits and veggies. They have a large outside area they can roam, scratch in the dirt, compete for insects, socialize, and soak up some sun. They enjoy fresh, unprocessed well-water and uncrowded, wide-open living conditions. And they each generously produce as many as 300 delicious, nutritious and super-fresh eggs per year (for some of our breeds). OUR eggs are hand-processed, using no solvents, chemicals, dyes or oils.

Your Money Is Doing More

The average age of OUR eggs is just a few days. OUR eggs are only from free-roaming hens who can lay where they please. Grocery store eggs are typically from factory-farmed birds who are confined to small wire cages their entire lives. The purchase of OUR eggs benefits not only the rescue animals on THE FARM; but, also BARN BUDDIES RESCUE. You get super-fresh, top-quality eggs, while also directly supporting our local farm and all of our rescued animals.