Posted on: October 27, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone!

This will be my very first journal entry on our new website.  I hope everyone loves the new websites of BBR @ THE FARM.  We thank Demetri for his very professional updating!  It has been an interesting year for all of us in Las Vegas as well as around the world.  Never have we had such challenges to stay financially sound and still give the best care possible for the animals.  The costs are high and the care is intense.  We do everything we are able to allow the animals to regain their health and become sound again after the abuse they suffered prior to coming to BBR. We spend thousands to bring them back after horrid abuse and neglect. Our mission and goal is to allow them to live out their lives in peace with as little demands and/or drama as possible.  We have certain standards that I am constantly encouraging all volunteers to meet or go beyond.  Clean water,  healthy feed, clean habitats, clean public areas and very clean animals as well as a soft touch and a calm voice and manner around them.  We bathe our animals several times a year and rely on volunteers to help us keep them brushed and cared for.  We receive countless compliments on how clean our facility is and how the animals all look content and well cared for…those comments mean a lot to me.

We are never going to please everyone; but, we strive to do so every time we open our gates to the public or our many volunteers.  On occasion, I will fight to protect our animals, our volunteers and our guests from disruption, loud noises or anything that I do not feel is in the best interest of everyone on property. I make no apologies and hope that everyone understands where our animals have come from and accept that my mission in life is to protect them from further harm. I hope everyone enjoys their time spent with the animals and everyone finds honest compassion for them while on site…You see, it is always all about the animals here at BBR @ THE FARM.

We are not a zoo or a petting zoo per se…we are a farm animal rescue for battered and abused farm animals.  When we take them in it is most often their last hope before being euthanized.  If they have a breath in them and show me they want to live we will give them as much of a chance as we are able.  Our animals show gratitude everyday in many ways.  Many of our animals are well into their golden years and many are living much longer than is often the case because of the wonderful care they receive.  We always allow them to live in peace till it is their time and then we struggle over the inevitable, until several of us, including our veterinarian, all agree it is time.  It is never easy even when we know it is around the corner.  So we hope everyone that visits our facility will not judge us too harshly when we are protective of all our babies we love and care for everyday.  Please visit often and show the animals love and calmness when here….they appreciate your soft touch and gentleness when interacting with them.  Thank you for your support and understanding of what I and all our volunteers strive to do everyday here at BBR @ THE FARM.